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Providing equitable education


In 2017, we launched the campaign with a benefit concert for Bouchet Elementary, a predominantly Black and low-income elementary school located in the South Shore neighborhood. Working with the administration of the school, we were able to implement two fully furnished peace rooms in Bouchet and secure resources for the students, such as books and field trips

The Education Emancipation Program is dedicated to providing children in Chicago Public Elementary Schools with access to a quality and equitable education. We aim to provide funding and resources for underserved schools, especially on the South and West sides of Chicago. The program makes systemic change possible by working with schools and communities to enact a plan that will have long term effects. We believe the underlying cause of Chicago’s gun violence problem is the inaccessibility of resources such as education, employment, and nourishment. Addressing the problem of educational inequity will help to eradicate the need to partake in gun activity and violence.

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