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Apply for the BLOOM Network

For Black women and mothers ready to reclaim their futures...

Yes, we offer free wellness events and programming to Black women and mothers across the South and West sides of Chicago that gives them the tools and support to be well. 

But The BLOOM Network is about more than just about taking time for yourself. It's a reclamation of our city, of each other, and all of our futures. It's a movement.


It’s a movement to create communities that are healthy, abundant, and liberated. It's a movement empowering Black women and mothers to tap into our ability to dream up a Chicago that works for all of us. A Chicago that does not take our children early. A Chicago that loves us as much as we love it. 


At Free Root Operation, we have learned that magic happens when you empower Black women to see a bright future for themselves and their families. That future becomes reality. If you're ready to turn your dreams for a better life and city into a reality—apply for exclusive access to wellness events and programs below.  

Apply for the BLOOM Network
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Thank you for applying to the BLOOM Network! If you fit our eligibility criteria, we will be in touch to confirm your acceptance within the next couple of weeks.

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